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Noooooo!!! The Smoking Indonesian Baby Is An Ex-Smoking Indonesian Baby


The last cool child left on the planet has become uncool. Ardi Rizal’s smoking habit has come to an end.

A little over three months ago, I applauded our favorite chain smoking toddler, and held him up as an example for American kids to look up to. Kids in this country pretend to be werewolves, bite each other as if they are virgin vampires, get high off of MP3s, and blind themselves by pouring vodka into their eyeballs (with no chaser). There is nothing timeless about tripping balls from your iPod. Marlon Brando and James Dean didn’t take iconic photos with shot glasses resting on top of their eyeballs. They all smoked, and smoking is badass, especially since science says it will kill you.

If you were a teen, would you hang out with a kid who bites your neck, or a kid who smokes?

I rest my case.

Aww, The Smoking Indonesian Baby


UPDATE (9/4/2010) – Extremely sad news =’(

While our American kids are doing (dumb) disgraceful things like dressing up like werewolves and pouring vodka into their eyeballs, one child in Indonesia is smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

So precious! I can't even blow like that.

Here’s video of the kid smoking like a champ after the jump…

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