VIDEO — Georgia Students Embarrass University With Awful Rap Song


A single tear fell from my left eye in shame as I watched this abomination.

Joe Flacco Wasn’t Absolutely Horrible Last Monday Night, Just Very Mediocre


Two seasons ago, I poked fun at Joe Flacco’s ineptitude at quarterback. Despite having an anemic 10.0 passer rating, Baltimore’s running game and defense carried the team to victory. Looking back, that was an unfair dig at the guy. He was hurt after all, and his team still won. However, none of that matters to you all, and I am just messing around on a blog I really don’t care about. Therefore, as an attempt to please the Google gods for the blessing of being indexed higher in its search results, I have created another de-motivational of Mr. Flacco for the masses to consume. You’re welcome.

(FYI-He went against the #9 passing defense in the league on Monday. Yes he was mediocre, but not too many others have fared that much better.)

Joe didn't suck that bad, but according to my analytics, the rest of America disagrees.

SWAG SWAG SWAG!!! — Kreayshawn’s New Swagged Out Video Game



This game is so #BASED. It’s like playing Super Mario Bros. with the fireball ability at the start of every level.

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VIDEO — Lil Wayne On Steve Jobs, Sizzurp, “Boo-gatti”, Steve Jobs, And Skateboarding


Wayne would hold the key ingredient to "sizzurp" on camera, while he is on probation.

Weezy, Weezy, Weezy. He never fails to keep it 100, no matter how ridiculous he may sound.

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VIDEO – Steve Jobs’ Inspirational 2005 Stanford University Commencement Speech


There’s not much I can add to the praises going around the world for Steve Jobs. Jobs accomplished so much in his brief 56 years on this planet. The only person who would probably disagree with that claim is Steve himself. So instead of praising Steve, I will thank him. He deserves it. A lot of my personal milestones were accomplished using devices he had a role in creating. With the Apple computer, I learned how to type my name as a toddler before I could write it. My reading and math skills were bolstered as a kid using software on the earliest versions of Apple computers. I earned my first professional dollar as a designer on a Mac. With Apple’s iPhone, traveling the world became a whole lot easier. Lastly, I found my passion for design on a Mac. So thank you, Steve. You lived the American Dream. RIP

MEME – The Manchester United Kid Is Winning At Life



Charlie Sheen, you’re not winning. This kid, walking out with Man U’s Nemanja Vidic for a friendly match against the New England Revolution is WINNING. The boy is not even playing, and he is ready to rock and roll. I love it!

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VIDEO — Dad Throws Daughter To Catch Foul Ball, Wife Gives Him The Look Of Death


Men around the world know what this look means. No translation is necessary.

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VIDEO — “They Be ‘Bout That Life” Defined – Til Death Do Me Part (Trailer)


Til Death Do Me Part is one of ‘the realest‘ hood web series’ you’ll ever see in your life. It’s all about the industry grind, gunplay, flip phones, and women rocking boy shorts in the snow. How is this not a World Star Hip-Hop web series? Koch Records and Ciroc Vodka could sponsor it. Boost mobile would have product spots integrated in the story… Let me stop before I give others my blueprint to riches.

Enjoy the clip. (PUN INTENDED)

VIDEO – Vikings Fan Gets Punched In The Face While Confronting A Chargers Fan


Dear Fans of NFL Teams outside of San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Dallas, Boston, and New York,

Please do your YouTube homework on the culture of the home team’s fans before being THAT GUY who decides it’s cool to be the antagonist sitting in the heart of a traditionally violent part of the stadium.

I’m a Chiefs fan who has sat in the Black Hole at the Oakland Coliseum. (I didn’t wear red, because I am not retarded.) I understood the rules of survival, and did what I had to do to watch the game without getting tarred and feathered with nacho cheese and tortilla chips. So when I saw this video of a Vikings fan mouthing off to a Chargers fan, who has probably gotten in to a fight or nine with Raider Fan in the parking lot of Qualcomm, I knew this guy was going to get his ass whooped. The Vikings fan didn’t do his homework. It’s kill or be killed in some of those stadiums, and you’ve got to play by the rules of survival. Namely, respect the opposing team and its fans.

VIDEO – Jonny “Greek Mystique” Sarhanis Goes Primal On VH1′s “Tons of Cash”


Dhani Jones, the host of “Tons of Cash” plays pro football. He probably has seen his fair share of loons on the gridiron, but if one were to ask the well traveled Michigan Man whether or not the head cases he has seen on the football field prepared him for the certifiable nutcases on reality TV, I’m going to guess he’ll say no. After Jonny Sarhanis was eliminated, he attempts to inspire the clearly uninterested contestants with a pep talk. However, Jonny cuts his speech short and decides to inject himself into this weeks trash TV news cycle by going beast mode in front of the camera.

[Warming Glow]