Star Wars Geeks, Red Letter Media Has Posted The Long Awaited Episode III Review


It will all make sense (the screencap, not Episode III) once you watch the review.

George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise is savaged for (possibly) the last time by Mr. Plinkett & Red Letter Media.

It is amazing how much garbage we dismiss while watching the last three films. I almost feel sick watching Plinkett state what should have been obvious to Lucas as he worked on the film.

People who love and respect the works of Irvin Kirschner will click here to watch the Star Wars: Episode III review

Ron Artest’s “Champions” Video


Ron Ron may claim Queensbridge up and down, but LA has adopted him as it’s own son. Here is Ron Artest’s “Champions” video he plugged after helping the Lakers win the 2010 NBA Finals.

NBA – Go Lakers! Let’s Burn Something?


Seriously, you guys are fucking idiots. Burn an effigy of Boston. Burn a Celtics jersey. Don’t burn someone’s freaking cab! What connects a cab to the Celtics?

Congrats to the arsonists in the video. Your actions are now on par with the stupidity of West Virginians who torched their couches after winning the Big East in basketball.

NBA – Lakers Win Championship Thanks To Superfan’s Music Video


When your team wins the ultimate prize, everything associated with them is great. Marginally good looking wives of the players are smoking hot all of a sudden. The act of flipping over cars because your team won the NBA championship is socially acceptable (and still illegal). Making a horrible song to rally the fellas to victory deserves Grammy consideration.

This Laker superfan cut this pop/R&B track prior to game six, and had I listened to it before the outcome of game seven, the song would have been one of the funniest things I ever heard dedicated to a sports team. However, having  just heard the song a few minutes ago, it is the best song ever.

[Barstool Sports - Boston]

NBA – Does Big Baby understand that Photoshop Exists?

Resisting urge to (graphically) fill the void in his mouth.

Resisting urge to (graphically) fill the void in Big Baby's mouth.

Amerikanski In Russia – The Moscow Experience In Six Photos


Ever since I made it back to the US, my life hasn’t stopped moving. In the last 72 hours, I have been through 3 countries, 11 timezones, 4 airports, the state of New Jersey, and I am still not home. So here are some photos to sum up the Moscow experience without putting together a thoughtful, ‘well written’ post about my time in Russia.

Amerikanski In Moscow – They Changed, Rocky


Hey Rocky, America is forever in your debt for ending communism with this speech after your fight in Moscow with Ivan Drago:

Little did we know that your Russian interpreter was actually translating what you really said. Things were so tense between the two countries that we were sure he was going to tell the Soviet brass something they wanted to hear like, “Ronald Reagan is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, so now would be the perfect time to attack us while our chief executive is unfit for service,” or, “In the future, there will be people claiming that the US is becoming a socialist country, so despite American grit outlasting Soviet science in the ring, you still win!”

Well Rocky, the Russians took what you said to heart, and changed THE FUCK out of themselves.

Amerikanski In Moscow – Saying Hello


The first couple of days are in the books. My confidence in speaking the language is at 0. I’ve practiced saying hello (Здравствуйте — “zdrastvooytyeh”) thousands of times, and once I get in a rhythm, I nail it. It’s a different story once it’s gametime. I get so nervous that I default to the head nod and the non-audible “hello”. So far I am 0 for 6.

Remember those old newsreel clips of Soviet tanks, trucks, missiles, and soldiers marching through Red Square? Well that’s from Victory Day. May 9th was the 65th anniversy of Russia’s successful defense of their homeland, and the capitulation of the Nazis. I missed the parade, but I did capture video from the fireworks spectacle from my friend’s apartment. Check it out.


Jack Nealy running the 2009 NYC Marathon

Jack Nealy running the 2009 NYC Marathon

It may seem cliché (and a bit campy), but I am truly a “jack-of-all-trades”. There is not one box that I truly fit in, and this blog will reflect that. I’m what people call a “100% red-blooded American male” that loves football, baseball, basketball, his mom, her cooking, and this country. However, I travel abroad, design for online marketing campaigns that target teen & tween girls, and I am a distance runner.  That’s not all! I love Mexican food, pretend I am Puerto Rican when nobody is looking, and bat left-handed.

Ok, the beer is wearing off, because the wit is drying out. Enjoy my pretty photo from the New York Marathon, and come back regularly!